Machine Learning Competition. Play with the historical data set.

Since September 28, 2012, announced a multiple-year long open data-mining project on their website. This project is dubbed “Titanic: Machine Learning from Disaster” and, so far, 1174 teams have submitted their work to this website. The data set is all about the passengers of the Titanic. You may discover interesting patterns and implications which … [Read more…]

Fuzzy Text Classification

If your work involves frequent text processing to yield quantitative information such as statistics out of plain text data, you might want to consider ‘Machine Learning’ based approaches. In this case, Fuzzy Text Classification might contribute pretty much to your current mission to be accomplished. This simple but efficient algorithm have been taken by a … [Read more…]


The ACM International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI2012) was held in Lisboa, Portugal (Feb 13 – 17). Since the ACM IUI has been organized as a single-track conference for many years, as I expected, it was not really crowded with lots of attendees. Many experienced attendees also said that it has been maintained as a small … [Read more…]

What’s Big Data?

The concept of Big Data   (1) A definition of Big Data provided by the McKinsey   (2) Another definition of Big Data, which had been dubbed a month later by the IDC following the above one.